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Where should I leave left over planks of bamboo flooring?

If you have any left-over planks of bamboo flooring you may want to keep them for a future project, or in case of any repair works.  When ordering your flooring, if you have calculated the size of the room correctly, you should only be left with minimal planks. Unless of course, you have ordered extra for another project.


Where should I keep left over planks of bamboo flooring?

If you want to keep some planks for another area of your home in the future, they need to be stored correctly.  Bamboo can change and adapt to its surroundings so the flooring should be stored in a warm and dry environment.  Here are some useful tips:

  • Never store bamboo flooring outside or in a shed
  • Try to keep any planks of flooring in the original boxes
  • Do not store planks of bamboo in a garage as it can sometimes be damp
  • Be sure to store the left-over planks flat
  • Don’t lean planks of bamboo against a wall as the could become distorted
  • Leaving them near a radiator or heating source could cause them to dry out
  • We would recommend storing them inside your house, possibly in an insulated loft or somewhere inside, e.g. under a bed or on top of a wardrobe.
Never leave left over planks outside Never leave left over of bamboo flooring planks outside

What could I use them for?

If you have enough planks left over, you may want to return them to us.  This needs to be within 30 days of the purchase date, and they would need to be in an unopened box.  If you are creative and crafty and want to use them for a different project, other than flooring, here are some ideas:

  • Picture frame or mirror frame
  • Drinks or food tray
  • Decorative shelving units
  • Drinks mat or coaster
  • Wall hanging sign or creative artwork
  • Cladding a wall
  • Small table top or desk