Why bamboo flooring has become so popular  

Why bamboo flooring has become so popular  

This entry was posted on May 10, 2021 by sam elliott

Over recent years, bamboo flooring has become increasingly popular.  There are many reasons for this. We feel that the main two are the sustainability of the bamboo, and the reasonable price of the floor, compared to other natural flooring options.  With the rise in popularity of bamboo flooring, we have increased our range of styles and colours, to keep up with demand. We also want to be able to offer a varied and diverse collection of bamboo flooring and accessories.


Quick guide to why bamboo flooring has become so popular:


Bamboo flooring is a fantastic and sustainable choice for a floor covering.  It is a popular alternative to hardwood flooring as the bamboo grows and reaches maturity at a fraction of the time it takes for a hardwood tree to mature. Another benefit of bamboo is that the root is self-regenerating, meaning that the bamboo plant will continue re-grow as soon as it has been harvested.  This eliminates the need to re plant the bamboo and there is minimal disruption to the bamboo forest and surrounding wildlife. At a time where the world is becoming more conscious about climate change and conservation, bamboo flooring offers you a sustainable alternative to hardwood.

Bamboo Forest

Cost effective

Bamboo flooring is far more cost effective than hardwood flooring.  You can find good quality bamboo flooring at a fraction of the price of Oak or Walnut floors.  This is mainly due to the abundance of bamboo, and the rate at which it grows. Therefore making the price of the raw bamboo much cheaper than hardwood. 


Strength and versatility

Strand woven bamboo flooring, which has been woven together and compressed is over twice as hard as Oak flooring.  The planks have been carefully designed to offer dimensional stability. This allows them to be used with underfloor heating and in rooms where temperature fluctuates.  They can also be floated over an underlay or fixed down. The hardness of strand woven bamboo also means that it can be used in commercial properties as it can withstand high levels of footfall. 


Range of styles and colours

The range of colours and styles of bamboo flooring are always increasing to keep up with demand.  We have over twenty different bamboo floors, including parquet block, plank style and different colours and surface finishes.  The colours range from natural pale tones of bamboo, through to a carbonised coffee colour and a dark chestnut brown. Furthermore there is a hazelnut brown, taupe, light pebble grey and a darker stone grey


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