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Why do I need Bamboo Flooring Accessories?

When you are installing a new bamboo floor, you will more than likely need some bamboo flooring accessories. This helps you to complete the look of the room.  When fitting a bamboo floor, an expansion gap must be left around the whole perimeter of the room, including doorways, around pipes and in fireplaces. Obviously, this doesn’t look very pleasant and you wouldn’t leave the gaps on show.  They can easily be covered over with our range of bamboo flooring accessories.  These include things like, skirting, beading, door bars and stair nosing.


We have bamboo accessories that match all of our styles and colours of flooring.  Alternatively, you could opt for a contrasting colour of accessory.

Matching bamboo skirting board

Which bamboo flooring accessories will I need?

That really depends on where your flooring is going, what style of room you have and how you want it to look.  Here are the most common reasons for needing bamboo flooring accessories:

  1. To cover over an expansion gap. You will have an expansion gap around the perimeter of your room so you may want to use skirting or beading to cover this over.
  2. When your bamboo floor meets another floor covering. This will usually be in a doorway, so you would want to use the correct style of door bar to cover this gap.
  3. If you want bamboo on your staircase. You will need to use bamboo stair nosing to go over the edge of each step.
  4. To cover any gaps around pipes. This is usually the case if you have radiator pipes coming through your floor.  There will be a gap around the pipes which can easily be concealed with pipe covers.


Bamboo flooring on a stair case

If you want to know more about which exact accessories you will need, have a look at: Which Bamboo Flooring Accessories do I need?