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Why does my bamboo floor creak or squeak?

The main reason that your bamboo floor has started to creak or squeak, could be that the subfloor was not level before your bamboo was installed. If you have an uneven subfloor the planks of bamboo flooring do not have a solid base to rest on so they will be put under extreme pressure and duress when walked on.  With time this can cause your bamboo flooring to creak, squeak and even move.

shutterstock_265646189 check the subfloor is flat using a spirit level

The only way to prevent this from happening is by checking that your subfloor is completely flat and level by using a spirit level or straight edge.  If you discover that it is not level you can use a self levelling compound on a concrete subfloor or line a wooden subfloor with sheets of plywood.

If you already have a bamboo floor that squeaks and/or creaks and you think it may be because of an uneven subfloor then you may want to take up your bamboo, level the subfloor and then re-lay the bamboo once you have checked it is level and dry.