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Why has my bamboo floor cracked?

Cracks can appear in your bamboo floor if you have low humidity and moisture in your room, which will cause the planks of bamboo flooring to dry out.  The main factors contributing to low humidity and moisture are: underfloor heating systems which are running too high, frequent use of open fires or log burners, and repeated use of air conditioning units.

Can a bamboo floor be floated

Bamboo is a natural material so will inevitably respond to fluctuations in temperature, moisture and humidity by gradually expanding and contracting.  So, in warm, humid weather the bamboo will expand to absorb the moisture surrounding it, and consequently in colder and dry weather it will contract or shrink slightly as the moisture from the bamboo is dried out. These slight changes are completely normal and characteristic of bamboo and should not cause any long lasting damage to your floor .  However, if your bamboo flooring has actually started to crack then the humidity and moisture levels are too low, and moisture should be replaced into the air as soon as possible so that your bamboo flooring can start to absorb it again.  This can be done by placing a bowl of water under a radiator or on a windowsill.