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Why has my bamboo floor lifted up?

The most likely cause of your bamboo flooring lifting up is that it was not fitted correctly.  Bamboo floors will naturally expand and contract with fluctuations in temperature and humidity and if the correct size expansion gap has not been left around the perimeter of the room, the floor will have no space to move and will therefore start to lift up.

Carbonised Vertical Bamboo Flooring with an expansion gap Bamboo Flooring with an expansion gap

When installing bamboo flooring, an expansion gap of at least 10mm needs to be left around the edge of the room, including doorways and fireplaces.  Flooring spacers can be used to make sure the correct size gap is left.  Do not worry about the look of the expansion gap as it will eventually be covered over by skirting or beading.

If you realise that your bamboo floor has been fitted without a sufficient expansion gap then you will need to remove your skirting or beading, cut around the edge of the plank to create a gap, and then replace your skirting or beading.