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Why has my bamboo floor warped?

The main cause of your planks of bamboo floor warping or distorting is water damage.  If water or any liquid is left to soak into your bamboo floor for a significant amount of time then the bamboo will slowly absorb that liquid and may warp or distort in some way.  Water damaged floors can easily be prevented by immediately cleaning up any spills or accidents and by reducing the chances of water coming into contact with the bamboo by asking people to remove wet or dirty footwear before walking on your floor.

What is the best way to clean my bamboo floor - spill Water spill on bamboo flooring.

Another reason your bamboo flooring may have warped is from moisture damage.  This often occurs when your subfloor was not completely dry before installing the bamboo floor on top.  The freshly laid bamboo will gradually absorb the excess moisture from the subfloor and may start to expand and warp.  It is vital that the subfloor is moisture tested with a moisture meter before you install a bamboo floor.  Wooden floorboards should have a moisture content of 16%MC or below and concrete should be below 6%MC.

How to install Bamboo flooring - moisture meter Concrete moistour meter

Although bamboo flooring is durable and resilient moisture damage to bamboo can also be caused by high levels of moisture in rooms like utility rooms and bathrooms so we would not recommended that you install bamboo flooring in either of these.