Will bamboo flooring look good in my dining room?

Will bamboo flooring look good in my dining room?

Will bamboo flooring look good in my dining room?

This entry was posted on October 22, 2021 by sam elliott

Yes, bamboo flooring will look great in your dining room! Dining rooms are often the hub of the house, with family meals and entertaining dinner parties. With a wide selection of colours, styles and plank sizes there is sure to be something that will look great and match your décor. The hard surface of bamboo flooring is easy to keep clean so clearing away any crumbs or spills from underneath your dining table will be no trouble at all.  A hard floor, as opposed to a carpet, is a must in a dining room and bamboo is a great choice!

Bamboo is not only beautiful to look at, but it is an eco-friendly and sustainable floor covering. Bamboo actually a grass so grows extremely quickly compared to hardwood trees.  The bamboo forests are carefully harvested to ensure they re-grow more abundant crops year on year. 


Why choose bamboo for my dining room?

Here are some reasons why we think that you should choose bamboo flooring:

• Firstly, you are getting a beautiful, natural floor

• You have a wide range of colour, style and plank choice

• There is also the option of parquet block bamboo flooring

• It is hard wearing and easy to look after

• Simply sweep away any crumbs or spills

• Most importantly, you are getting an eco-friendly and sustainable floor

• Furthermore, we have matching bamboo flooring accessories to add the finishing touches to your dining room

• Just remember to add felt protector pads to the bottom of table and chair legs to avoid unwanted scratches to your floor


Different styles of bamboo flooring

Here are some of our favourite styles of bamboo flooring for a dining room:

Parquet block bamboo – gives a stunning and charismatic look

Natural strand woven – classic looking and will match any décor

Carbonised bamboo – the rich brown tones can complement simple décor

Rustic bamboo – perfect for a bold colour scheme or rustic cottage


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