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A Guide To Bamboo Flooring


  • Horizontal

    Horizontal Bamboo Flooring

    Bamboo grain is wider and more evident - strips of bamboo are individually glued together horizontally to form the plank.

  • Vertical

    Vertical Bamboo Flooring

    Bamboo grain is thinner and less evident - strips of bamboo are individually glued together vertically to form the plank.

  • Strand Woven

    Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

    Bamboo grain is random - strands of bamboo are torn apart and then recompressed with resin under extreme heat and pressure to form the plank.


Note: Both structures shown below are only available in the Strand Woven Bamboo constructions. Their stability and performance is identical. Our engineered boards are only designed this way due to the extra width of the plank as the manufacturing process does not allow for a solid board this size to be made.

  • Uniclic Solid Board

    Solid Uniclic Bamboo Flooring

    A solid bamboo plank with Uniclic® profile and a 4mm wear layer. This is fully warranted with Under Floor Heating use and can be sanded back if the lacquer on the surface needs to be renewed.

  • Uniclic Engineered Board

    Engineered Uniclic Bamboo Flooring

    An engineered bamboo plank with the Uniclic® profile. The base is made up of plywood with a 4mm wear layer of bamboo on top. This is fully warranted with Under Floor Heating use and can be sanded back if the lacquer on the surface needs to be renewed

Profile Types

  • Tongue & Groove

    Tongue And Groove Bamboo flooring

    The traditional method for fitting - upon installation an underlay is layed onto the subfloor, the planks are then placed on top, glued along the length and width and then pushed together. Alternatively flexible adhesive can be troweled onto the sub-floor, the planks are then layed on top and pushed together to complete the installation.

  • Uniclic Bamboo Flooring

    Uniclic Bamboo Flooring

    Patented design used all over the world - simply click the planks together using the drop lock system, this can be installed either horizontally or at an angle over underlay or a flexible adhesive.


  • Natural

    Natural Coloured Bamboo flooring

    Typically blonde/yellow tones. This shade is the natural colour of bamboo

  • Carbonised

    Carbonised Coloured Bamboo flooring

    Consists of light/dark brown tones. This shade is created by smoking the bamboo strips in an industrial kiln

  • Black Handscraped

    Black Handscraped Coloured Bamboo flooring

    A black transparent colour option. The handscraped process gives a rippled effect that gives each plank a more traditional appearance

Note: The Natural and Carbonised Strand Woven colour options are significantly darker than their Horizontal and Vertical bamboo flooring counterparts


Janka Hardness Scale (kn)

Janka Hardness Scale

The above scale illustrates the hardness of varying different species of wood along with both the standard and strand woven bamboo variations. Each figure denotes the hardness of that particular wood/bamboo type - the higher the number, the harder the surface.