Loose Laid Bamboo Floors

Loose Laid Bamboo Floors

This entry was posted on June 3, 2019 by chris elliott

A loose laid floor refers to the installation method, rather than a particular type of flooring product.  You may also hear it called a ‘floating floor’.  You can loose lay any of our bamboo floors (solid or engineered) as long as you have a solid subfloor.


What is a loose laid bamboo floor?

A loose laid bamboo floor is a floor that has not been fixed into position.  The floor would be laid over the top of an underlay, which gives it the freedom to move naturally.  Your floor would still be secure, as the planks are either clicked together or glued together (if you have tongue and groove flooring). Floating a bamboo floor is the easiest method of installation as it requires very little equipment of professional expertise.

Bamboo flooring laid over underlay


What are the benefits of a loose laid floor?

Loose laying your bamboo floor has many benefits.  Here are just a few:

• It is the easiest way of installing a bamboo floor

• You can loose lay both solid or engineered bamboo flooring

• If you are a keen DIYer, you could loose lay the floor yourself

• There is no need for additional equipment like nails or glue

• You can choose an underlay appropriate for your need (e.g. thermal barrier or sound insulation)

If you have an underfloor heating system, you can loose lay bamboo flooring over the top. Make sure you choose the correct type of floor and the correct underlay, which are compatible with underfloor heating.


Please remember, as with any flooring installation, you must properly prepare your subfloor, store your bamboo flooring correctly before installation, and leave an expansion gap around the edge of your room. 

Finally, if you would like more in depth advice on fitting your bamboo floor, please call to speak to one of our technically trained staff.

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