Bamboo flooring for commercial use


F1040 Commercial Use

If you are looking for a floor covering for a commercial space, it is likely that you want something that is strong, hardwearing, resilient and durable.  Businesses and commercial properties generally have a higher footfall than domestic residences.  In addition to the strength of the flooring, you will no doubt also want something that is aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.  



Which types of bamboo flooring can I use in commercial properties?


Strand Woven bamboo flooring is perfect for commercial use.  It has been made in such a way that the planks of flooring are dimensionally stable and extremely durable.  Bamboo fibres have been shredded and compressed under extreme pressure to create one of the hardest natural flooring planks.  A plank of strand woven bamboo flooring is actually over twice as hard as Oak flooring.  This makes it the perfect choice for any busy commercial area. 


Our strand woven bamboo flooring has been used in offices, museums, bars, restaurants, yoga studios, shops, hotels and even airports.  It is definitely one of the best natural and sustainable flooring materials around. 



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What are the benefits of strand woven bamboo flooring?


Strand woven bamboo is becoming increasing popular with property developers and business owners.  It is a beautiful, natural material and has a huge range of benefits, including: 



Strength and Durability


As already mentioned, the planks of strand woven bamboo are formed in such a way to give additional durability and dimensional stability.  The flooring is tough enough to withstand increased footfall and also resilient enough to be used in most areas.  Its extreme versatility means that it can be installed over most subfloors with ease, it can be used with underfloor heating and in areas with increased amounts of glazing.





All of our bamboo flooring and accessories are eco-friendly and sustainable.  Most of our floors have been awarded PEFC certification.  PEFC is a global organisation devoted to promoting sustainable forest management, ensuring that the forests will be around in generations to come.  To find out more visit




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Range of Options


either solid or engineered planks, with different plank thicknesses, widths and lengths, depending on our requirements.  There is even the option of parquet block strand woven bamboo if you are looking or something a little different to the usual plank style flooring. The colours range from the usual natural golden bamboo and carbonised darker brown bamboo, through to stone grey and chestnut brown.  If you are looking for something more unusual then you may be interested in our rustic or distressed strand woven bamboo floors. The range of colours and finishes of flooring will also enable you to find something in keeping with the décor and style of the property.



Matching Flooring Accessories


When planning the room or space, you will inevitably need flooring accessories to add the final elements and cover the expansion gaps.  We have a full range of strand woven bamboo flooring accessories to match or complement your choice of flooring.  We stock everything you will need, including skirting, beading, door bars, ramps and stair nosing profiles.




How do I install bamboo flooring in a commercial building?


Usually strand woven bamboo flooring can be either floated or fixed into place.  However, when installing strand woven bamboo in a commercial property we advise that you fix it securely into 

position.  You should use a flexible flooring adhesive to create a full surface bond.  This will then provide your bamboo floor with the extra strength needed to cope with the added pressure of busy commercial areas. 



How do I look after a bamboo floor in a commercial property?


Looking after your strand woven bamboo floor is easy.  In a busy, commercial area you are likely to be cleaning your floor at least once a day.  You can start by sweeping the whole floor with a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt or grit that has been brought in by the staff or customers shoes. Next, you will need to clean the bamboo with a wooden floor cleaning spray and cleaning mop.  This should be enough to keep your floor looking clean and fresh.  For more tips on how to look after your floor and prevent scratches and damage, please see our Bamboo Flooring Care Guide.

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