Vertical Bamboo Flooring

Vertical Bamboo Flooring

This entry was posted on December 7, 2020 by sam elliott

Vertical bamboo flooring gives a unique looking floor that is elegant and sophisticated.  It is one of the original styles of bamboo flooring and is still as popular decades later.  This eco-friendly alternative to hardwood flooring is as strong as Oak flooring but can be found at just a fraction of the cost.  Vertical bamboo flooring will not disappoint; it is versatile, easy to care for and of course, is a sustainable and beautiful flooring product.


What does it look like?

It is constructed using thin, vertical trips of bamboo.  This creates a narrow and unique looking grain pattern. There are two colours of vertical bamboo flooring to choose from: Natural and Carbonised

Natural is the golden and blonde tones of the bamboo, while carbonised is a richer brown colour. Both of these colour options have matching bamboo flooring accessories which will help you to complete the look of your room.


How is vertical bamboo flooring made?

Firstly, the outer green husk from the bamboo plant is stripped away to reveal an inner cream part.  This is what is used for the flooring.  It is cut into flat strips and left to dry out thoroughly.  Bamboo flooring is available in two colours. For the natural colour, the bamboo strips are left in their natural state. For the carbonised colour, the strips of bamboo are smoked which gives more of a brown tone.  These strips are then glued together vertically to form a plank of flooring.  The planks are shaped and sanded and the tongue and groove fitting profile is added by a machine. Finally, the surface of the planks of flooring are protected with layers of satin matt lacquer.  Once this is dry the flooring is ready to be packaged.  

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