Are bamboo floors hygienic?

Are bamboo floors hygienic?

This entry was posted on January 12, 2022 by sam elliott

If you are looking for a hygienic floor that is easy to clean, then bamboo is a perfect choice.  There is nowhere for allergens to hide and grow.  You can see dust, dirt and pet hair immediately and sweep it way if necessary.


How are bamboo floors hygienic?

Bamboo floors are hygiene for a number of reasons. First and foremost, bamboo is a hard floor covering.  This means that dust and pet hair are easily visible and can be removed simply with a brush or vacuum attachment for a wooden floor. Secondly, bamboo flooring can be easily cleaned with gentle but effective pH neutral cleaning product. It is a much more hygienic option than a carpet, where dust, dirt and pet hair can be quite hard to remove. Finally, bamboo is a grass so doesn’t retain as much moisture as wood.  This means that it is less likely to allow mould and mildew to form. If you want some tips and advice about cleaning your bamboo floor, check out these articles: What is the best way to clean my bamboo floor? Simple steps to cleaning your bamboo floor


Why should I choose a bamboo floor?

As well as being a hygienic flooring option, you are also getting the following:

• A natural floor covering that is elegant and beautiful

• Peace of mind that bamboo is sustainable and eco-friendly

• Choice of different colours and styles

• If you choose strand woven bamboo you are getting a floor that is over twice as hard as Oak

• A floor covering that is easy to look after and keep clean

• Versatility – our bamboo floors can be used in almost any room in your home


For more information about keeping your bamboo floor clean and fresh, have a look at our Bamboo Flooring Care Guide.  

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