How to care for bamboo flooring in winter months

How to care for bamboo flooring in winter months

How to care for bamboo flooring in winter months

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The winter months can be hard going for a bamboo floor. Generally, bamboo is durable and hard wearing, but the wetter and colder times of the year can sometimes mean you have to take extra precautions to keep your flooring looking fresh.  The main problems faced by homeowners are the outside conditions being brought into the house.


Here are some tips on how to care for bamboo flooring in winter months

• Place doormats at all entrance doors. These will catch any grit, gravel, dirt or salt from outdoors. Doormats can also be used to wipe away any excess water from your shoes or boots. Remember to shake and clean your doormats regularly.

• Ask visitors or family to remove outdoor footwear when entering the house. Never leave wet or dirty shoes on your bamboo floor. It is advisable that you keep wet or dirty footwear in a garage, porch, or shoe rack.

• If you have a dog, try to keep their paws clean. Perhaps keeps a towel by your door to wipe muddy or wet paws.

• You may want to up the amount of cleaning during winter months. Regular sweeping and cleaning will help to prevent damage and dullness to your bamboo floor. Consider sweeping daily (or more often if required) and cleaning every other day to restore the bamboo’s freshness and preserve its longevity.

• If you notice wet or muddy footprints on your floor, wipe them away straight away. Similarly, if you see any dirt or grit, clean it up as soon as possible.



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