Tips for new bamboo flooring owners

Tips for new bamboo flooring owners

Tips for new bamboo flooring owners

This entry was posted on March 11, 2024 by sam elliott

If you are getting a new bamboo floor in your home, it is really important to know the dos and don’ts about how to install it, care for it, and maintain its natural beauty.  We have put together a few tips which will hopefully help:


Choose the correct flooring for you

Bamboo can be installed over almost any subfloor, but you will want to double check which types you can use if you are using underfloor heating.  Also, if you want a hard-wearing floor for a busy area, we recommend using strand woven bamboo.


Read the installation instructions

Please always read the installation instructions which are in the boxes of flooring.  It explains exactly how to prepare your subfloor and details the whole installation process.  This is really important as the warranty could be void if it has been installed incorrectly, and your flooring could become damaged over time.


Protect your floor from unwanted damage

It is inevitable that your floor will sustain small dents and scratches, and this usually adds to the character and uniqueness of the bamboo.  However, there are a few things that you can do to avoid large areas of damage:

• Ask everyone to remove their shoes before walking on your floor

• Put doormats at entrance doors to catch any dirt, grit or water from outside

• Use felt protector pads on the bottom of any moveable furniture

• Avoid dragging or dropping heavy items onto your floor

• Wipe away any water spills or large amounts of dirt straight away

Clean your floor on a regular basis

We recommend that you sweep your floor everyday.  This will help to remove any dust, dirt or pet hair and keep your floor looking great.  You will then want to clean your floor, probably about once a week (more often if needed).  Use a pH neutral wooden floor cleaner; Bona all in one spray mop is perfect.  It is gentle but effective in cleaning and is ready to use without the need for mixing solutions.


For more advice on cleaning and looking after your bamboo floor, have a look at our Care and Maintenance Guide.