Bamboo Flooring Buying Guide

Bamboo Flooring Buying Guide

Bamboo Flooring Buying Guide

This entry was posted on February 9, 2023 by sam elliott

We have put together a quick guide to buying bamboo flooring. With any new purchase for your home, there are lots of things to consider.   Buying a new bamboo floor is a big purchase and should last you for decades, so you will want to ensure you make the right choice.


Here are the main things to consider when buying a bamboo floor:


Where is the floor going?

Bamboo flooring is extremely versatile and can go in almost any room in your home.  It is hard wearing, making it a great choice for busy areas like hallways, living spaces and kitchens.

If you are thinking of a particularly busy areas, then we would definitely recommend strand woven bamboo flooring as it is over twice as hard as Oak flooring.

For areas with underflooring heating be sure to check out our range of bamboo that is compatible with underfloor heating systems.

Bamboo can be installed in almost any room (with the exception of bathrooms or wet rooms), but it is worth checking what type of subfloor you have.  This can sometimes determine which type of flooring you need.  If you are unsure, give us a ring for some helpful advice.



What budget do you have?

Bamboo is an inexpensive, quality alternative to hardwood.  However, the price for bamboo flooring does vary depending on the construction of the plank, the fitting system and the finish that has been applied. There is sure to be something in your budget so have a look at our full range of bamboo floors.


Style and colour?

You will want to choose a colour and style that suits the décor of your room.  Bamboo flooring is available in many different colours and styles, including:

• Parquet block

• Plank style

• Colours including, chestnut brown, autumn hazelnut, antique taupe, carbonised, natural, stone grey, pebble grey and rustic.

• Wide or narrow planks

• Strand woven, horizontal and vertical bamboo

• Different surface finishes including distressed, satin matt and UV lacquered.

• If you are unsure, then we would recommend ordering some free samples.


Finishing touches to the room

We have a whole range of matching bamboo flooring accessories that will help you to add the finishing touches to your room.


Benefits of buying bamboo flooring

• It is available in a wide variety of styles, colours and finishes

• You have the choice of plank or parquet block

• Rest assured that you are getting an eco-friendly and sustainable flooring material

• It is a cost-effective alternative to hardwood flooring with the same natural appeal

• Bamboo is harder and more durable than most hardwood flooring

• You can install bamboo in almost any room in your home

• Quick and easy to install over almost any subfloor

• Most types of bamboo are compatible with underfloor heating systems

• Easy to look after, keep clean and maintain

• Bamboo is hygienic making it great for allergy sufferers