Bamboo flooring cleaning products explained

Bamboo flooring cleaning products explained

This entry was posted on December 7, 2021 by sam elliott

There are so many different cleaning products available for bamboo and wooden floors that you will be forgiven if you don’t know where to start.  We have put together a quick guide to explain our favourite bamboo flooring cleaning products.


Our top 3 cleaning products for bamboo flooring

1. Bona Premium Wood Floor Spray Mop

This is our favourite cleaning product for bamboo flooring.  It is an all-in-one cleaning solution and mop.  The mop has a spray handle and rotating head, making it extremely easy for you to use.  The refillable cleaning solution is gentle but effective. 

2. Wood Floor Cleaning Spray

This wooden floor cleaning spray has been specially formulated for cleaning all types of wooden and bamboo floors.  It is ready to use and comes in a handy spray bottle.  Simply spray on your floor and wipe away with a microfibre cloth or mop. 


3. Water and a Mop

If you don’t want to use any products on your bamboo floor, a mop and water will also effectively clean the surface.  As bamboo absorbs water, you will need to make sure that the mop is wrung out and ensure no excess water is left on the floor.  Lime green and grey bucket and mop 

Products to avoid

There are a number of products that you should avoid when cleaning your bamboo floor.  It can easily become damaged if you use the wrong products.  Avoid the following:

• Furniture polish – it can make the floor very slippery

• Acidic or abrasive products – can damage and or/scratch the surface

• Steam Mop – the heat and moisture can penetrate and warp the floor

• Excessive water – can soak into the surface and damage the floor

• Vacuum cleaning – only use if you have the correct wood flooring attachment


For more tips about cleaning and looking after your floor, have a look at the following: Maintenance and Care Guide Simple Steps to Cleaning your Bamboo Floor

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