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Bamboo Flooring Glue

Bamboo flooring glue, which may also be referred to as wood flooring glue or adhesive, is used to when installing bamboo flooring.  The two main types of glue are a flexible flooring adhesive (used when gluing your bamboo flooring down), or a WPVA glue (used when floating a tongue and groove bamboo floor).

Bamboo flooring does not necessarily need fixing into position but if you decide that you want to, then gluing it down to the existing subfloor is one way to do it.  You will need to have a solid subfloor and used a flexible flooring adhesive such as Sika MS. To make sure that the planks of flooring do not move around after installation, you should ensure a full surface bond with the plank and the subfloor.

Sika MS Sika MS Flexible Flooring Adhesive

If you have bamboo flooring with a tongue and groove profile, and you decide to float it over an underlay you will need to use a WPVA glue to bond the tongues and grooves together.  You should glue the lengths and widths of the tongues and grooves to create a snug and secure fit, while allowing the flooring to ‘float’ over the underlay.

WPVA glue WPVA glue