Bamboo Flooring Maintenance Guide

Bamboo Flooring Maintenance Guide

This entry was posted on April 15, 2015 by chris elliott

All types of Bamboo flooring are relatively simple and straightforward to look after.  Follow this simple guide to keep your bamboo flooring looking fresh and renewed:


1. Clean your floor on a regular basis

• Sweep your bamboo floor daily with a soft brush.

• Clean your floor with a microfibre mop and wooden floor cleaning spray on a weekly basis.

How to keep my bamboo floor scratch-free

2. Protect your floor from damage and scratches

• Use felt protector pads on the bottom of furniture to reduce the risk of scratches.

• Put doormats at all entrance doors and ask people to remove their footwear before walking on your floor.

• Wipe up spills and water accidents as quickly as possible to lessen the risk of water damage to your floor.

Winter Care for Bamboo Floors


3. Use the correct products and equipment

• A PH Neutral wooden floor cleaning spray and microfibre mop is recommended to clean bamboo floors.

• A damp (wrung out) mop can also be used for cleaning your floor.

• Only use a vacuum cleaner that has a soft cleaning head specifically designed for wooden floors.

• Do not use any harsh, abrasive, acidic, waxy or oily cleaning products.

• Do not use a steam mop.

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