Which bamboo floors can I use with underfloor heating?

Which bamboo floors can I use with underfloor heating?

This entry was posted on April 18, 2016 by chris elliott

All of our click fitting strand woven bamboo floors have been tested and are compatible with underfloor heating systems, this includes carbonised, natural, brushed, rustic and stone grey.  These particular types of bamboo flooring are a great match for underfloor heating as they are stable and durable enough to withstand the fluctuations and changes in temperature that will occur.

There are a few things to be mindful of if you are thinking about using underfloor heating with bamboo flooring:

• The bamboo needs to be heated evenly so the whole room or area will need to have underfloor heating to allow the bamboo to expand and contract at the same rate.

• If your underfloor heating system is in the screed, then it should be installed and running for at least seven days before you moisture test your subfloor and start to install your bamboo.

• The subfloor must be level, dry and clean before installation begins.

• Your underfloor heating system should be turned off before you install your bamboo flooring.

• Once the bamboo flooring is installed on top of the heating system, the surface temperature of the bamboo should not exceed 26ºC.

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