Can I clean my bamboo floor with a mop?

Can I clean my bamboo floor with a mop?

This entry was posted on August 7, 2014 by chris elliott

Yes, you can clean your bamboo floor with a mop, but it must be either dry or wrung out completely leaving it only slightly damp. A wet mop can cause irreparable damage to a bamboo floor as any water that is left to soak in and penetrate the flooring may cause it to swell, warp and distort, and possibly even change the colour of your flooring.

Although a dry or damp mop can be used to clean stubborn stains and dirt from your floor, the safest way to clean your floor is with a specially designed wooden floor cleaning spray that is PH neural. This should be sprayed on and wiped away with a soft microfiber mop. Using products that have been specifically designed for wooden or bamboo floors will eliminate any excess water from sitting on your flooring and prevent any unnecessary damage. 


The best way to clean your bamboo floor is:

1. Sweep away dust and dirt on a regular basis using a soft bristle broom

2. Wipe away any water spills or excess dirt immediately

3. Clean your bamboo floor on a weekly basis with a PH neutral wood floor cleaner and microfiber mop

Also, a steam mop should never be used to clean your bamboo floor. The flooring may absorb the moisture from the steam mop and will damage the floor over time. 

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