Can I put a rug on a Bamboo Floor?

Can I put a rug on a Bamboo Floor?

This entry was posted on July 25, 2019 by chris elliott

Yes, you can use a rug on a bamboo floor. A rug can be a great addition to any wooden or bamboo floor as it adds warmth and a pop of colour.  Rugs can also help to protect your bamboo floor from inevitable little scratches and dents, and they can offer a comfortable area for children to sit and play.


Different types of rugs

There is a huge variety of styles, sizes and colours of rugs available.  You can use any rug on a bamboo floor.  Choose one that suits your décor, colour of flooring and personal taste.  When using a rug on a bamboo floor, it is likely to slip or move around when walked on.  This can be quite dangerous for young children or people who are not very steady on their feet.  So, to avoid unwanted movement, you should use a non-slip rug pad underneath your rug. Rug on bamboo flooring

Moving your rug around

We would advise that you regularly move your rug around.  Sunlight can cause bamboo flooring to slightly fade and change colour over time.  This process is not usually noticeable as it happens evenly across the whole floor.  However, where a rug is being used, over time there may be a mark where it has been, as the remaining area of bamboo flooring fades slightly.  We would recommend slightly moving your rug around every few weeks so that there are no definite colour variation marks in one particular area. Most noteworthy is that the greatest colour change of bamboo flooring occurs in the first two or three months. So, it is sensible not to use a rug on a recently installed bamboo floor.  


Cleaning underneath your rug

Your bamboo flooring will need sweeping and cleaning on a regular basis.  This means that you will need to lift up your rug to clean underneath. If you are cleaning your bamboo floor, we recommend using a Bona Spray Mop.  This will leave the surface of the floor slightly damp, for a few minutes while the cleaning solution dries.  Make sure that the floor is completely dry before returning your rug.  If you place a rug on top of a damp or wet floor, it can cause damage to the bamboo.

Bona wood floor spray mop