This entry was posted on July 6, 2021 by sam elliott

Rustic carbonised bamboo flooring throughout the hallway and living area of a Victorian style home


The rustic carbonised bamboo flooring looks amazing in Olga’s bright and colourful home.  When it was time to replace the old carpet in the downstairs of this Victorian terrace house, Olga knew that she wanted a hard floor that was easy to clean.  With three small children the old carpet was not practical at all.  After looking at different types of bamboo floors, Olga decided that Strand Woven Rustic Carbonised Bamboo flooring was the perfect choice.

The contrast of the dark coloured bamboo floor, the green walls and the bright coloured furniture really transforms this Victorian style property into a modern living space.

The bamboo flooring runs through the downstairs hallway and living room.  We love the contrasting colours in this room.  The brown floor and the green walls really create a stylish and characteristic area for Olga and her family.


To create this rustic colour, first of all, the bamboo has been carbonised to give it the dark brown colour. Then the surface has been stained with black streaks to create the rustic appearance. The flooring is made from strand woven bamboo. For this the bamboo strands have been woven together and compressed to create a strong and hard-wearing plank of flooring.  This is a great choice for busy areas like hallways and living spaces, and perfect forOlga’s three small children.

Rustic carbonised bamboo in living room


Another reason that Olga chose bamboo flooring was the environmentally friendly benefits. Bamboo grows abundantly and much faster than hardwood trees, making it a sustainable alternative to wooden flooring. “We choose a dark colour to go with our green walls. The floor looks classy, and it is a good quality product. We also think bamboo floors are timeless.” Olga – Yeovil, Somerset