Guide to Natural Bamboo Flooring

Guide to Natural Bamboo Flooring

Guide to Natural Bamboo Flooring

This entry was posted on November 7, 2023 by sam elliott

Natural bamboo flooring is probably the most popular colour of bamboo available.  It contains beautiful golden and blonde tones, not too dissimilar to the colour of Oak flooring.  Its natural brightness will help to lighten any style or size of room, and it can completely transform areas with its chic and sophisticated appeal.

You may be wondering what natural bamboo flooring is. It is, quite simply, a bamboo floor that has been left in the natural colour of bamboo without any smoking or colours stains added. There are a few different styles of bamboo flooring in a natural colour, so find out more about it in this helpful guide to natural bamboo.


What styles of natural bamboo are available?

Here are the different options that you can choose from:

Horizontal - the bamboo grain pattern is wide, and the characteristic knots of the bamboo plant are visible throughout.


Vertical – the grain pattern is narrow and less evident, but it is still recognisable as bamboo.


Strand Woven – fine strands of bamboo have been compressed together to make a durable floor that is over twice as hard as Oak. It has a varied grain pattern.


Parquet Block – using strand woven bamboo, these are shorter and smaller blocks which allow you to create phenomenal geometric patterns.


Which rooms can I use it in my home?

Natural bamboo flooring is extremely versatile so you can use it in almost any room in your home. It has dimensionally stable properties which allow you to use it with underfloor heating and in rooms where temperature and humidity fluctuates.  If you choose strand woven plank or parquet block, you will find that it is over twice as hard as Oak flooring, making it perfect for those busy areas of your home. Here are some rooms where it will look amazing:

• Bedrooms

• Living areas

• Offices

• Kitchens

• Dining Rooms

• Conservatories

• Children’s playrooms

• Hallways

We would not recommend that you install any type of bamboo flooring in your bathroom, wet room or utility room as the excess water could damage it.


How do I look after natural bamboo?

Natural bamboo flooring is easy to look after.  All you need to do is to sweep it on a daily basis to clean the floor and prevent a build up if dirt on the surface.  Follow this with a quick but thorough clean with a wooden floor cleaning solution and microfibre mop. 

If you would like further tips of how to look after your floor, read our bamboo flooring care and maintenance guide.



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