How to care for my wooden floor in the winter months

How to care for my wooden floor in the winter months

How to care for my wooden floor in the winter months

This entry was posted on November 23, 2021 by sam elliott

Caring for your wooden floor in the winter months is an important part of looking after it properly. If you want your hardwood floor to last for years to come, then you really do need to follow some simple steps.

During the winter, the weather changes and becomes wetter, colder and more damp. All of these things can affect your wooden floor.  Wood is a natural product so inevitably changes and adapts to its environmental surroundings.  If someone walks on your wooden floor with wet shoes, the water could soak into the planks of flooring and cause them to change shape and/or become discoloured.

Another problem you could encounter is scratching and dents to your hardwood floor. More dirt and grit gets picked up on the bottom of footwear at this time of year.  If you walk on your floor with stones stuck to the sole of your shoe, it can either dent or scratch the surface.


Here are some simple tips on how to care for your floor in the winter months:

These things can be done all year round; however they are much more important in the autumn and winter seasons.

Make sure that you have a doormat at all entrance doors.  This will help any dirt or grit to be wiped away so that it doesn’t reach your wooden floor.  It is especially important to have a door mat if it has been raining or snowing.

Take off any outdoor footwear before walking on your wooden floor.  Remember to make sure that you don’t leave your dirty or wet shoes on your floor.  Leave them in a porch area, a shoe cupboard, garage or on a door mat.

Try to keep your wooden floor clean.  A daily sweep can help remove any dust and dirt that could have made it onto your floor.

For general advice about looking after your wooden floor, read our Care and Maintenance Guide.

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