How to keep my bamboo floor scratch-free

How to keep my bamboo floor scratch-free

This entry was posted on March 20, 2014 by chris elliott

Bamboo flooring is very easy to maintain and can look fresh and new for many years after it has been installed if these simple steps are followed. Over time, small scratches and marks to your bamboo flooring are inevitable but can often add to the character and charm of your floor. There are, however, ways to prevent larger scrapes and dents from occurring.


Simple cleaning and maintenance

By following a simple cleaning routine you can prevent excess dirt and dust particles from damaging your bamboo floor. If your floor is in a high traffic area (hallway, living room, etc.) try to sweep it on a daily basis with a soft brush, and clean weekly with a PH neutral wood floor cleaning kit. Do not use any products that are abrasive, acidic or contain ammonia as these can cause extreme and irreparable damage to bamboo or any hardwood floors. If you choose to use a vacuum cleaner, always use a wooden floor cleaning head to reduce the chance of unnecessarily scratching your floor. 


Protecting your floor from dirt and grit

Dirt, grit and water from outdoors can be very damaging to a bamboo floor. To protect your floor from external factors ensure you place a doormat at all entrance doors. Unwanted debris on footwear should be wiped away before walking on the floor. Ideally, outdoor footwear should be removed altogether and placed somewhere other than your bamboo floor (e.g. a garage, porch or tiled area). This will also help to minimise the amount of cleaning and maintenance the floor will require. Sharp or spiked footwear, such as football boots or shoes with stiletto heels should never be worn when walking on your bamboo floor as these can cause deep dents and scratches.

Winter Care for Bamboo Floors


Furniture and other heavy objects

Dragging or dropping tables, chairs, furniture, children’s toys and other heavy objects across a bamboo floor can cause damage to your floor. To avoid these scratches and dents, always lift, carry and place objects down gently. Special anti-scratch pads made from felt can be applied to the bottom of furniture to reduce any sharp or hard edges touching your bamboo floor. This will help to lessen the amount of scratches. Although small scratches and marks are inevitable over a period of time, by following this advice you should prevent any unnecessary damage to you bamboo floor.

How to keep my bamboo floor scratch-free - pads