Is Bamboo Flooring good for pets?

Is Bamboo Flooring good for pets?

This entry was posted on October 15, 2018 by chris elliott

Is bamboo flooring good for pets? Yes, it can be a great choice of flooring if you have pets.  This, of course, depends upon which type of pet you have. For dogs and cats, it is great.  If, however, you have a Guinea Pig who lives outside, or a Tarantula in a tank, then you may not be so concerned with which flooring is best for them!

You will probably want to choose strand woven bamboo flooring as it is more durable and hard wearing than other types.  It is over twice as hard as Oak flooring so can withstand heavy paws.  Furthermore, some types of strand woven bamboo have an anti-slip lacquer. This will make your floor slightly less slippery for your furry friends. All types of bamboo floors are easy to clean and look after.  You will find that this comes in handy when trying to sweep up all the pet hair.  You will also find this useful if your pets have any ‘accidents’ on the floor.  As long as you clean it up straight away, your bamboo is resilient enough not to be left damaged or stained.  

Bamboo flooring with labrador dog


Why is bamboo flooring good for pets?

No type of flooring is totally pet proof, but you will find that bamboo is a good option.  Here is why:

• First of all, bamboo is very hard wearing a durable.

• Also, some types of bamboo have an anti-slip lacquer.

• You will find it hygienic and easy to clean away any pet hair by simply sweeping on a regular basis.

• If you wipe away any ‘accidents’ straight away, it is not likely to damage the bamboo.


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