Look after your bamboo floor in winter

Look after your bamboo floor in winter

This entry was posted on November 26, 2019 by chris elliott

As winter is drawing closer, it is essential that you take extra care of your bamboo flooring.  The next few months are likely to be cold, wet and damp.  This puts your bamboo flooring at risk of being damaged and scratched if you do not look after it properly.


You should aim to avoid any water, grit or dirt from outside reaching your bamboo floor.  The greatest problem can be grit, stones or dirt that get stuck to the bottom of shoes and consequently brought inside. Scratches and dents can easily happen if you walk on top of anything sharp or hard.  Another thing to worry about is rainwater, snow or sludge.  This can also affect your bamboo floor if it is left to soak into the surface of the bamboo. If this were to happen, your floor could become water damaged, which could mean discolouration and warped floor planks. You can try your best to avoid damage to your bamboo floor in winter by adopting this simple care and maintenance advice:  


Advice for your bamboo floor in winter

Always place doormats at any entrance doors

These will help to catch gravel, grit, snow or water brought indoors on footwear.  Always remember to keep the doormats clean and dry.  You may also want to consider having spare doormats for extra protection.

Purple wellies on mat meeting bamboo flooring


Remember to remove your outdoor footwear

Realistically, you should always remove your footwear before walking on a bamboo floor.  However, in the colder and wetter months this is even more important. Once removed, you should keep them in a porch or garage but never leave them on top of your bamboo floor.  Remember to let all of your friends, family and visitors know this too.  


Try to keep your bamboo floors clean

Once again, you should be doing this anyway, but it is even more important during the winter season.  Firstly, you should sweep up any dirt and grit every day from the surface of the floor.  Then clean your bamboo floor every few of days (with a wooden floor cleaner).  This will also greatly help to reduce any damage from the harsh winter months. 

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