Options for Vertical Bamboo Flooring

Options for Vertical Bamboo Flooring

This entry was posted on February 2, 2022 by sam elliott

First of all, there are two colour options for vertical bamboo flooring; natural and carbonised.  Other than the colour differences, the floors are exactly the same.  They are both made from strips of bamboo, in the same way.  The grain and pattern of the bamboo looks the same, and both are as durable as each other


What exactly is vertical bamboo flooring?

Vertical bamboo flooring refers to the way in which the planks of flooring have been constructed.  Thin strips of bamboo are dried, then bonded together vertically.  This creates a narrow and natural looking grain pattern.  The bamboo is shaped into planks and a tongue and groove fitting system is added.  Finally, the surface of the planks are coated with protective layers of a sarin lacquer.

Vertical bamboo flooring is a great, eco-friendly alternative to wooden flooring.  It is comparable to Oak in strength, so you will find it a durable and hard-wearing floor covering that is easy to clean and look after.   This is just one type of bamboo flooring.  If you are looking for alternatives, have a look at:


What is the difference between the two colours?

Finally, you have the choice of two colours; natural or carbonised.   Natural  - this is the natural colour of bamboo.  It golden, cream and yellow tones running throughout.  The bamboo is left in its natural state to create flooring of this colour. Carbonised – this is a rich brown, coffee like colour.  Different shades of brown run throughout giving a varied and diverse pattern.  To create the carbonised colour, the strips of bamboo are smoked, which turns the bamboo a darker colour.

If you would like to order some free samples of our vertical bamboo flooring, select either, natural or carbonised.

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