Parquet or Plank Bamboo?

Parquet or Plank Bamboo?

Parquet or Plank Bamboo?

This entry was posted on September 21, 2022 by sam elliott

When you are choosing a new floor there are some important decisions to make.  One of them will, no doubt, be should I choose parquet or plank? If you are thinking of having bamboo flooring, both are a great choice.  They are both sustainable, eco-friendly, hard wearing, hygienic and easy to look after.  The decision you have to make is based mainly on aesthetics and personal preference.


What is the difference between plank and parquet?

The main difference is the size of the flooring, and the finished look once it is installed.  Bamboo flooring planks are longer single boards of flooring.  They do come in different sizes but are generally longer than a meter and somewhere between 10cm and 15cm in width.  A bamboo parquet block is much smaller and always a uniform size so that the option of different geometric patterns is possible.  You would choose which pattern you would like to create.  The most popular three are herringbone, basket weave and brick bond.  You also have the option of adding borders around the perimeter of your room.

Natural Parquet Block Flooring


Here are some FAQs which may help with your decision making:

1. Can I choose from a range of colours? Yes, you will have more choice with plank style, but there are different colours in parquet too.  

2. Can I float over an underlay? You can only float plank bamboo over an underlay. Parquet block needs to be glued to your subfloor.  

3. Are they both easy to keep clean and look after? Yes, have a look at our cleaning and maintenance guide for tips and advice.  

4. Are they both sustainable and eco-friendly? Yes, both are made from bamboo, so are sustainable floor coverings.  

5. Can I use it with underfloor heating? All of our parquet blocks can be used with underfloor heating, but only some types of plank so be sure to check before you buy.  

6. Are they suitable for commercial buildings? Any of our strand woven bamboo can be used in commercial areas.  This covers all of our parquet block and most of our plank options too.  

7. Do they have a click fitting system? Most of our plank bamboo have a click fitting system, whereas parquet block has a tongue and groove profile.

8. Can I get matching bamboo accessories? Yes, we have a full range of matching accessories to complement all our bamboo floors.  


For any other questions, pop into our showroom or give us a call.