Protecting your Bamboo Floor from Building Work

Carbonised strand woven flooring with props

Protecting your Bamboo Floor from Building Work

This entry was posted on January 19, 2021 by sam elliott

If you are renovating or decorating your room and having a new bamboo floor, the floor should be the last part of the room to be added. All decorating should be finished and then your new floor can be laid.  However, if you are keeping your existing bamboo floor and decorating around it, you will need to protect it from the building work.


What could damage my bamboo floor?

All manner of building or decorating related jobs could damage your floor.  Bamboo is durable but can still get damaged if it is not care for and protected correctly.  Here are some of the things that could cause damage:

• Debris from knocking down walls or taking out windows

• Spilt paint or even splashes of paint

• Building equipment or tools being dragged across your bamboo floor

• Wet plaster splashing or spilling onto the floor

• Dirt or grit brought in on work boots or shoes

• Tools or equipment being accidentally dropped on your floor

Building tools on bamboo floor

How can I protect my bamboo floor from building work?

It is a challenging task to fully protect your bamboo floor.  It can be very difficult, especially if you are having extensive renovation work which involve dust and debris. Here are some things that you can do to help to eliminate unwanted damage:

1. Firstly, make all tradesmen aware that you are keeping your floor. They should then be mindful of looking after it.

2. Before any decorating or building works starts, sweep, and clean your floor thoroughly.

3. Next, cover your bamboo with a breathable floor protector.

4. Make sure that tradesmen clean up after themselves, each day before they leave. If there is dust, this should be vacuumed away each day.

5. Remember: If there is a spill – clean it away immediately

6. Finally, once the building work and/or decorating is complete, remove the floor protector. Sweep and clean your bamboo floor.