Quick Guide – what is an expansion gap?

Quick Guide – what is an expansion gap?

Quick Guide – what is an expansion gap?

This entry was posted on May 15, 2023 by sam elliott

An expansion gap is a really important part of installing your wooden floor.  It allows your floor the space it needs to naturally move to adapt to its surroundings.


What is an expansion gap?

Quite simply, it is a gap of at least 10mm which you leave around the perimeter of the room. You should ensure there is an adequate gap around the entire room, including any fixed objects such as doorways, fireplaces and radiator pipes. If you are worried about leaving the correct sized gap, you can use flooring spacers, which are then removed once the floor has been fitted.

Why is it so important?

An expansion gap is an essential part of installing bamboo flooring.  Bamboo itself is a natural product so will absorb humidity from the surrounding atmosphere and slightly expand in size. Likewise, when the humidity in the air drops, the bamboo will slightly reduce in size.  You have nothing to worry about as this is a completely natural process which happens with all wooden flooring too.  The changes are so minimal that you may not even notice.

So, as the bamboo is frequently expanding and contracting it will need space to move into; this is why you need an expansion gap.  If you do not leave a gap, or the gap is too small your flooring won’t have the sufficient room and it could start to distort, rise up or even crack.


How do I cover the expansion gap?

You will definitely want to cover the expansion gaps around your room.  We have a full range of bamboo flooring accessories in matching or contrasting colours to your flooring. Our range includes: skirting, beading, door bars, ramps and stair nosing.


If you are unsure about the expansion gap or how to cover it, please contact one of our technical advisors who can give you advice.