Replace your carpet with bamboo flooring

Replace your carpet with bamboo flooring

Replace your carpet with bamboo flooring

This entry was posted on March 20, 2020 by chris elliott

If you are thinking to replace your carpet with a natural floor covering, then we think bamboo is a great choice. Obviously, bamboo and carpet are very different textures and are completely different products, but bamboo flooring can really help to transform any room in your home.

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Why should you replace your carpet with bamboo?

Bamboo flooring, especially strand woven bamboo, is very durable and hard wearing. Much more durable than a carpet could ever be.  Carpets can easily get worn out and start to look tired and old, especially if they are in a busy area.  Bamboo can be cleaned and refreshed easily if it starts to loose it lustre. Bamboo floors are much more hygienic that carpets.  Carpets can harbor dirt, dust, allergens and pet hair, which can be quite difficult to get rid of, even with a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.  Bamboo can easily be swept and cleaned to make sure that it is dust and dirt free. You can use a bamboo floor in almost any room in your home, with the exception of a bathroom. Bamboo flooring is resilient and hard wearing, but it is not waterproof, although neither is a carpet! Depending on which type of carpet you would normally purchase, bamboo flooring may be slightly more expensive.  However, it will last much longer that a carpet so you are getting better value for money in the long-run. 


Reasons not to use natural flooring instead of a carpet

If you are looking for a soft, comforting floor, then you may want to stick with a carpet.  A bamboo floor is hard so not as comfortable as a carpet. Also, there are many more choices of colours, styles and patterns of carpets.  With bamboo flooring you are limited to a few colour and style choices, but they are likely to complement most decors. Overall, the choice between a carpet or a bamboo floor is up to your personal preference.  Whether you decide to replace your carpet with bamboo is up to you.

Ordering some free samples of bamboo flooring may help you decide. 


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