Should I choose grey coloured bamboo flooring?

Should I choose grey coloured bamboo flooring?

This entry was posted on August 28, 2019 by chris elliott

Grey coloured bamboo flooring has become so popular that we have recently added another colour to our range.  Bamboo is a great choice as it is hardwearing, eco-friendly and really easy to look after.  A grey bamboo floor will give you a modern and fresh look in any home.


About grey coloured bamboo flooring?

We have two main colours of grey bamboo floors; stone grey and pebble grey.  Both are available in plank style flooring, and stone grey is also available in parquet blocks. All of our grey bamboo floors are made from strand woven bamboo.  Therefore, they are extremely durable and hard wearing (twice as hard as Oak). It can be used in most rooms in your home, and offers a sustainable alternative to hardwood flooring.  Both stone grey and pebble grey bamboo floors are made with carbonised strand woven bamboo.  Then a colour stain is added to the surface. Why not order some free flooring samples today. If you still want a grey coloured floor but can’t find a bamboo floor that matches your requirements, why not have a look at some of our grey coloured wooden floors.  There are over 40 to choose from. 


Why choose a bamboo floor that is grey?

Here are the benefits of choosing a grey coloured bamboo floor:

• Hardwearing and durable

• Great for busy areas like hallways and living rooms

• Can be used with underfloor heating and in conservatories

• Offers a modern and fresh look

• Easy to look after and clean

• Can brighten up a dark space

• Easy to match to existing décor and furnishings

• Can be used in almost any room in your home

• Available in plank style or parquet block

• Easy to install by either floating or fixing into position

• Matching bamboo flooring accessories available

• Natural floor covering at a fraction of the price of hardwood