The best bamboo for busy areas

The best bamboo for busy areas

This entry was posted on September 26, 2022 by sam elliott

If you are looking for bamboo flooring for busy areas of your home, you will definitely choose strand woven bamboo.  It has been developed and designed in such a way that it is over twice as hard as Oak or horizontal and vertical bamboo flooring.  Strand woven bamboo is a really good option for almost any room in your home, and with a wide range of colours and style choices, you are sure to find something you’ll love!

The best bamboo for busy areas


What makes strand woven bamboo flooring different?

It is made in a completely different way to usual horizontal or vertical bamboo flooring.  The bamboo has been shredded into fibres. These have then been woven together and compressed to form the plank of flooring.  This is why strand woven bamboo is so hard.  All of the strands are so tightly woven together and compressed into place.  A lacquer is then applied to the surface to protect it from daily wear and tear. Have a look at our full range of strand woven bamboo flooring.  


Advantages of strand woven bamboo for busy areas?

As already mentioned, strand woven bamboo has been specifically designed and developed to be a hard floor covering.  Here are some of the other advantages that you may not know about:

• It is over twice as hard as Oak flooring.

• All of our strand woven bamboo flooring is sustainable and eco-friendly.

• You can use it in either commercial or residential properties.

• It is extremely versatile and can be used in almost any room in your home.

• Once installed, you will find it easy to care for and keep clean.

• You have a range of colours to choose from, from pale greys to dark browns.

• There is either plank or parquet block to choose from.

• We have matching bamboo flooring accessories to complement your floor.

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