Top 10 Cleaning Tips for Bamboo Floors

Top 10 Cleaning Tips for Bamboo Floors

This entry was posted on June 27, 2014 by chris elliott

Bamboo floors are well known for their strength and durability and take very little maintenance and cleaning. Follow these top ten tips to keep your bamboo floor looking fresh and luxurious:

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1. Remove dust and dirt on a daily basis

A build up of loose dust, dirt and grit can take away the shine and cause damage and scratches to your bamboo floor if walked on. By sweeping your floor with a soft bristle brush or vacuum using an attachment specifically designed for wooden floors on a daily basis, you will ensure it encounters minimal damage from daily wear and tear.


2. Clean on a regular basis

It is recommended that you clean your floor at least once a week using a PH neutral wood floor cleaning spray and microfiber mop. This will help to maintain the lustre and freshness of your bamboo floor whilst removing a build up of any dirt. 


3. Wipe away spills promptly

Bamboo flooring can easily be damaged by water. Any spills or liquid should be wiped away promptly using an absorbent cloth to ensure the liquid does not soak into and penetrate the flooring. Is Bamboo Flooring Water Resistant - wipe


4. Avoid scratching your bamboo floor

Heavy furniture and objects can cause small scratches and dents bamboo flooring with natural daily movements. It is advised that anti-scratch felt protector pads are applied to the bottom of furniture (and other heavy objects) to reduce unwanted damage to your floor.

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5. Always lift heavy objects when moving them

Always lift furniture, heavy objects and sharp items rather than dragging or sliding them across your bamboo floor. This will help to prevent any unnecessary scratches and scuffs.


6. Use doormats at all exterior entrances

By placing doormats at all entry doors you will ensure that any moisture, water, dirt and grit from the outside world is captured and does not reach your bamboo floor.


7. Remove outdoor footwear

Any gravel, dirt or water on the bottom of your shoes can scratch and damage your floor. Ideally all outdoor footwear should be removed before walking on your bamboo floor. Be sure to place dirty footwear somewhere other than on your floor, for example, a porch, garage, shoe rack or cupboard.

Winter Care for Bamboo Floors


8. Never use a steam mop

The steam generated from a steam mop can penetrate the bamboo and cause the planks of flooring to warp and distort as they absorb the moisture. A damp mop can be used to clean your bamboo floor, but it must be wrung out completely as excess water can also cause severe damage.


9. Never use abrasive cleaning products

Always ensure you use cleaning products that have been designed to clean bamboo or wooden flooring. Acidic, abrasive and cleaning products that contain ammonia can cause irreparable damage to your bamboo floor.


10. Never use wax or furniture polish

Furniture polish, oils and waxes can leave a slippery residue on you bamboo floor so should be avoided. A PH neutral wood floor cleaning spray is ideal as it will clean your floor without leaving any residue or streaks. 

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