Top 5 bamboo flooring colours

Top 5 bamboo flooring colours

This entry was posted on May 21, 2021 by sam elliott

There are a wide range of bamboo flooring colours to choose from.  The choice is usually down to personal preference and the colour scheme of your room.  Bamboo flooring can last a lifetime if you look after it properly, so you might want to think about choosing a colour that will be timeless and suit your home, even when you may change the wallpaper, paint or furnishings in years to come.


What are the top 5 bamboo flooring colours?

1. Natural

Natural bamboo flooring is the natural colour of the bamboo, without any treatment of colour stains added.  It is a light, golden shade with blonde tones running throughout.  It is definitely one of the most timeless colours and will suit most styles of home and décor.  You will be getting a natural floor that will brighten up your home immensely.  With natural bamboo flooring, you have the choice of solid bamboo, engineered bamboo, strand woven and even parquet block bamboo.  


2. Carbonised

Carbonised bamboo flooring is a warm coffee brown colour.  The bamboo has been (smoked), to create this sophisticated shade of brown.  Again, you will be getting a timeless floor that is easy to complement with décor and furnishings. You can choose either, solid bamboo, strand woven bamboo, wide planks, parquet block and a brushed finish in the carbonised colour.


3. Stone Grey

Stone grey bamboo is a very popular choice.  The mid grey tones have been achieved by adding a colour stain to the surface of the planks.  Grey flooring and decors are extremely fashionable at the moment.  It will give your home a fresh, contemporary and minimal feel.  You can choose between the regular plank style flooring or parquet block, which looks stunning in any style of home. 


4. Antique Taupe

Antique taupe bamboo is great if you can’t decide between a grey or brown floor.  It gives you both grey and brown tones throughout the warm and delicate taupe colour. Again, the taupe colour is achieved a colour stain added during the manufacturing process.  You won’t be disappointed with this beautiful coloured floor.


5. Autumn Hazelnut

If you are looking for a dark brown, luxurious floor, then Autumn Hazelnut bamboo is the right choice for you.  The dark brown colour stain gives you a rich and sophisticated floor that will add character and charm to your home.  You are best to pair the dark hazelnut bamboo floor with light and bright décor and furnishings, which will give you a stunning contrast.



If you are still unsure of which colour to choose, you could either order some free samples of the bamboo, or pop into our showroom where you can see the different colours on display.

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