What is engineered bamboo flooring?

What is engineered bamboo flooring?

This entry was posted on August 10, 2015 by chris elliott

Engineered bamboo flooring is made from a base layer of plywood and a top layer of strand woven bamboo.  The plywood base runs perpendicular to the bamboo to give it extreme strength and durability.  Once it has been installed, it looks just the same as solid bamboo flooring.

Engineered bamboo flooring – what is a wear layer


This method of constructing the boards means that a wider plank size can be made (up to 190mm), and a click fitting system is available. Engineered strand woven bamboo flooring is very stable and durable and can be:

• fitted over all types of subfloor (which have been prepared properly)

• either fixed in position or loose laid

• installed in areas where humidity and temperature fluctuate, like kitchens or conservatories

• used with underfloor heating