What is Osmo MS?

What is Osmo MS?

This entry was posted on February 19, 2020 by chris elliott

Osmo MS is a type of flexible adhesive that has been specially designed to fix down wooden and bamboo floors.  It is a one component product, meaning that there is no need for measuring and mixing.  Osmo MS is ready to use straight from the tub.  Simply apply with a trowel and lay the floor on top.


What can I use Osmo MS for?

If you wish to fix your bamboo (or wooden) floor down to the subfloor then you will need to use a flexible flooring adhesive, and we recommend using Osmo MS.  When gluing down a wooden or bamboo floor you will need to use a flexible flooring adhesive.  This is essential to allow your floor to make slight movements in response to the surrounding conditions. Osmo MS is the perfect glue for the job as it gives a firm and flexible fit. Here is when you can use Osmo MS:

• when you are fixing any solid or engineered bamboo (or wood) flooring down to the subfloor. You must have concrete, screed or wooden floorboards as your subfloor.  You cannot glue over joists. Also, ensure your subfloor has been properly prepared.

• with bamboo or wooden parquet block flooring which must be glued down to the subfloor.

• if you are fitting a bamboo floor in a domestic or a commercial property, you can use Osmo MS.

Flooring adhesive being applied onto a sub floor


Why should I use it?

Here are the reasons why we think you should use Omso MS:

• Osmo is a well-known and reputable brand

• It gives a strong but flexible finish, which is needed for fitting floors

• The adhesive itself is solvent free

• It is ready to use from the tub

• You will notice an immediate ‘grab’ when using the product

• It meets the environmental emissions according to DIBt

• If you would like further information on using Osmo MS, please contact us directly.

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