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What is strand woven bamboo flooring?

Strand woven bamboo flooring is an extremely durable and strong product that is ideal for both domestic and commercial use. It is one of the hardest flooring products around and is over twice as hard as Oak, making it a very popular choice. It has a varied and unique grain appearance that is available in both natural (pale brown tones) and carbonised (rich brown tones).

What is strand woven bamboo flooring Tongue and grove fitting, carbonised strand woven bamboo flooring


Its stability and durability means that it can be installed over all types of subfloors. It does not need fixing in place so can be floated (loose laid) over an underlay, or alternatively it can be glued, screwed or nailed down if required. Strand woven bamboo can also be used in rooms with fluctuating temperature and humidity, and can be installed over underfloor heating.

Like other types of bamboo flooring, it is quick and easy to install and requires very little maintenance.

How is strand woven bamboo flooring made?

How is bamboo flooring made
Bamboo is a rapid growing grass that reaches maturity very quickly, meaning that it can be harvested every five years. To make natural strand woven bamboo flooring the bamboo is cut, stripped down, shredded into fibre strands and woven together. It is then compressed under extreme heat and pressure along with a resin. This forms a solid block of strand woven bamboo which is then machined into planks. A lacquer is added to protect the surface, and then either a tongue and grove or click system profile are added, before a final layer of lacquer. If a colour stain is required this is added before the first layer of lacquer. The strand woven flooring is then ready to be packaged.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is also available in a carbonised effect. The carbonising, or smoking process is done to the raw bamboo before it gets compressed.

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