What is the best adhesive for bamboo flooring?

What is the best adhesive for bamboo flooring?

What is the best adhesive for bamboo flooring?

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There are many different types of adhesive for bamboo flooring.  An adhesive is another name for glue.  You will need to use a glue if you decide to fix you bamboo floor into position.  If you choose to float your bamboo flooring over an underlay, there is no need for any adhesive if you have click fitting flooring, but you will need to glue the joints of tongue and groove bamboo flooring together.


How you fit your bamboo floor will usually depend on the type of subfloor or property that you have. The following is a list of when you can use adhesive to glue your bamboo floor down to the subfloor:

• If you have parquet block bamboo flooring, it must be glued down.

• Any bamboo flooring in a commercial property must be glued down.

• If you have a concrete, screed or wooden floorboards you can glue your bamboo flooring down.

Flooring adhesive being applied onto a sub floor


What are the different types of adhesive for bamboo flooring?

The two main types of adhesive are a flexible flooring adhesive and a WPVA adhesive. A flexible flooring adhesive is a glue that you would use when gluing your bamboo to the subfloor.  It provides a firm grip, while being flexible enough to allow small, natural movements from the bamboo flooring.  This flexibility is essential. 

Otherwise, your bamboo can start to crack or lift. A WPVA adhesive is the glue that you would use when floating a tongue and groove bamboo floor.  The glue goes into the grooves of the flooring planks while fitting the flooring.  The floor is still floated over an underlay (not glued down), but the joints stay firmly together. 


Which is the best flexible flooring adhesive to use?

We would highly recommend the Osmo MS Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive It has been specially formulated to give a strong but elastic bond.

Before installing and type of bamboo flooring, please read the instructions carefully and make sure that your subfloor is properly prepared.  

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