What is the best type of bamboo flooring for my conservatory?

What is the best type of bamboo flooring for my conservatory?

This entry was posted on April 24, 2019 by chris elliott

Bamboo flooring is a perfect choice for a conservatory.  It is durable, versatile and has the ability to withstand changes in heat, temperature and humidity.  Conservatories are constantly changing temperature.  In the summer months they can get extremely warm and humid, while in the winter time the air can be come dry and the temperature can get extremely cold.


What are the main types of bamboo flooring?

The two main kinds of bamboo flooring are:

1. Solid bamboo flooring. This is made with strips of bamboo which have been glued together.  The result is a natural, durable and stable floor covering which is as strong as Oak flooring.

2. Strand woven bamboo flooring. This is made with bamboo fibres that have been bonded together to create an even stronger and more versatile floor covering. It has been tested to be over twice as hard as Oak flooring.


If you would like to find out further information about how bamboo flooring is made.  Have at look at the following: How is bamboo flooring made? Bamboo is also a great choice for rooms with large amounts of glazing. 


Which type of bamboo flooring is best for my conservatory?

All types of bamboo floor can be used in a conservatory.  Bamboo is much more dimensionally stable than hardwood, therefore can react to changes in temperature and humidity much better.  It can adapt to its surroundings without becoming damaged. We have a wide range of bamboo to choose from.  Have a look at some of our different colours and styles of bamboo flooring:

Carbonised Strand Woven

Natural Strand Woven

Parquet Block Bamboo

Solid Bamboo Flooring

Stone Grey Strand Woven

Pebble Grey Strand Woven


How do I look after bamboo flooring in my conservatory?

Bamboo flooring is really easy to look after.  Firstly, you would follow the same cleaning and maintenance routine in your conservatory as you would in any other room.  Sweep away dust and dirt on a regular basis, then clean with a wood floor cleaning solution when needed.  Furthermore, have a look at our Bamboo Flooring Care Guide for helpful tips and advice.