What is the hardest type of bamboo flooring?

What is the hardest type of bamboo flooring?

This entry was posted on June 30, 2015 by chris elliott

Strand woven bamboo flooring is by far the hardest and most durable type of bamboo flooring.  It is over twice as hard as Oak and rates at 15.8kN on the Janka Hardness Scale. Vertical and Horizontal bamboo flooring rate at 6.2kN.

For more information about this see our article: What is the Janka hardness scale for bamboo flooring? What is Click Bamboo FlooringStrand woven bamboo flooring is ideal for both domestic and commercial properties as it is extremely strong and durable.  It is a very popular choice because in addition to its hardness, it is also eco-friendly, easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.

For more information on how strand woven bamboo flooring is made, see our article: How is bamboo flooring made?

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