What is Tongue and Groove Bamboo Flooring?

What is Tongue and Groove Bamboo Flooring?

This entry was posted on July 16, 2014 by chris elliott

Most bamboo flooring is available in two main fitting systems – either tongue and groove or a click fitting system. Tongue and groove, which is often abbreviated to T&G, is the traditional installation method of wooden and bamboo flooring. Each plank of T&G bamboo flooring has one long and one short side with a protruding edge (called a tongue), and one long and one short side with a rebated edge (called a groove). The planks of tongue and groove bamboo flooring are designed and manufactured accurately with tongues and grooves that fit snuggly together, creating a smooth, gapless floor.

What is Tongue and Groove Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo flooring in both solid format and engineered format is available with T&G fitting system. It can easily be installed over any subfloor of sound quality that has been well prepared. Typical installation methods for T&G bamboo flooring are: secret nailing directly to the subfloor, secret screwing directly to the subfloor, gluing directly to the subfloor, or floating over an underlay with the tongues and grooves glued together.

Installing bamboo flooring onto joists


Although tongue and groove flooring is the traditional fitting method which has been used for decades, the main downside to it is that it often requires a professional floor fitter as it can be difficult to install and can involve some specialist equipment.

Alternatively, bamboo flooring can be found with a click fitting system which is much more straight forward to install.