Winter Tips for Bamboo Flooring

Winter Tips for Bamboo Flooring

This entry was posted on November 30, 2021 by sam elliott

It is really important to look after your bamboo floor all year round. However, during the winter months, when the weather gets colder and more damp, you might want to take extra care and precautions to make sure that your floor is looked after properly. Here are some winter tips for looking after your bamboo flooring.


The main things to think about are the outdoor weather conditions and how they could affect your beautiful bamboo floor.  During the winter it can get very wet, icy and there can be quite a lot of grit and dirt stuck to the bottom of shoes.  You will need to be really careful that this doesn’t make its way onto your bamboo floor, otherwise it is at risk of getting damaged and scratched. If your floor gets wet, then you should wipe away any liquid straight away.  If it is left to soak into the bamboo it can cause discoloration and the planks of flooring can change shape and distort. Also, if you notice any grit or dirt on your floor you should remove it as soon as possible.  Dirt and grit can easily be stuck to the bottom of shoes too, which can cause scratches and dents that are impossible to repair. Purple wellies on mat meeting bamboo flooring


Winter tips for your bamboo floor

Here are some tips on how you can care for your bamboo floor in winter.  These things can be done all year round, but are especially important during the wet and colder months.

1. Always use doormats at entrance doors. This will help to catch any dirt, water or snow from outdoor shoes.

2. Remove your outdoor footwear before walking on your bamboo floor. This will ensure that you are not treading any dirt or stones into the surface of the bamboo.  Remember to ask all of your visitors to do this too!

3. Keep your bamboo floor clean. Its really simple. Just to give it a quick sweep once a day, then use a cleaning product as and when needed.


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