Bamboo Flooring and Underlay

Bamboo Flooring and Underlay

This entry was posted on May 21, 2019 by chris elliott

Bamboo flooring and underlay are products that come hand in hand.  All of our bamboo floors can be floated over an underlay.  Bamboo is extremely versatile and stable, so both engineered and solid bamboo can be floated.  


Why should I use bamboo flooring and underlay?

If you have already chosen you bamboo floor, then you will need to decide upon your fitting method.  You can float bamboo over an underlay on almost any properly prepared subfloor. Choosing to float you floor makes the installation process easier.  There is no need to glue or nails. The only time you should avoid floating bamboo over an underlay is if you are fitting the floor in a commercial property.  In this case you should always fix the bamboo directly to the subfloor for extra stability and strength.


Which underlay should I use?

The type of underlay that you choose depends upon your needs and requirements. If you have underfloor heating, then you will need to opt for a special underfloor heating underlay. This has a low tog rating that will allow the sufficient transfer of heat through to the surface of your floor.  For thermal insulation, look for the tog rating.  The higher the tog, the more insulation it will provide.  For sound resistance look for the decibel rating.  Again, the higher the dB rating, the better.  If you are just looking for a standard underlay, we would recommend the following: Silver Bam Underlay


How do I fit bamboo flooring with an underlay?

Installing bamboo flooring over an underlay is really straight forward.  Firstly, cut your underlay to the size of your room and roll it out on the floor.  Start with one edge of the room and lay you bamboo planks.  Fit them together either by clicking them into place or use WPVA glue in the tongues and grooves. Keep repeating this.  Your bamboo floor should be loose over the top of the underlay.  Finish the room with our matching bamboo flooring accessories.  For more advice about fitting bamboo floors, have a look at our Installation Guide.

Bamboo flooring laid over underlay   

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