Bamboo Parquet Block Explained

Bamboo Parquet Block Explained

This entry was posted on October 27, 2021 by sam elliott

We love bamboo parquet block flooring.  It is elegant, stunning and creates a characteristic atmosphere.  Here are some more details about this durable, eco-friendly and sustainable flooring choice.


What exactly is bamboo parquet block?

Bamboo parquet block flooring is bamboo flooring that has been made into smaller blocks.  The beauty of it is that you get all of the same benefits of bamboo flooring, but you can create stunning geometric patterns with it. All of our block flooring is made from strand woven bamboo.  This method of construction makes the flooring over twice as hard as Oak.  It is great for busy areas like hallways, kitchens and living spaces.  Other benefits of parquet block flooring are that you can use it with underfloor heating, in conservatories and it is really easy to look after. There are four colours to choose from: Natural, Carbonised, Stone Grey and Chestnut Brown. [caption id="attachment_2510" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Natural Bamboo[/caption]


What patterns can I create?

There are 3 main patterns that you can create:

• Herringbone

• Basket Weave

• Brick Bond

See out Amazing Parquet Patterns Guide for more information. The parquet blocks are of uniform size and designed so that they fit together perfectly to create these patterns.  We would always recommend using a professional and experienced floor fitter to carry out the job.


Bamboo parquet block explained – quick guide

Here is a quick guide:

• Small blocks of bamboo flooring rather than planks

• You can create 3 traditional patterns  – herringbone, basket weave and brick bond

• Also, you are getting an eco-friendly and sustainable floor

• You will get a hard wearing and versatile choice

• Furthermore, it is easy to look after and hygienic

• Compatible with your underfloor heating systems

• Can be used in most rooms in your home (except wet areas)

• Finally, it looks amazing!


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