Carbonised Bamboo Flooring

Carbonised Bamboo Flooring

This entry was posted on September 11, 2020 by sam elliott

Carbonised bamboo refers to one of the colour choices of flooring, but it has not had a colour stain added.  If you look at carbonised bamboo it is much darker than the natural, golden and blonde tones of natural bamboo.  It is a richer medium brown colour.  Within our range of carbonised bamboo you will find the following:

Horizontal Bamboo

Vertical Bamboo

Strand Woven Bamboo

Rustic Bamboo

Parquet Block Bamboo

Bamboo Flooring Accessories 


You will find the matching bamboo flooring accessories really useful when installing your floor.  They help to add the finishing touches by covering over expansion gaps.  We have accessories such as, skirting, beading, door bars and stair nosing. 


How does it become carbonised?

The bamboo becomes carbonised when it is smoked in a kiln, which provides the brown coloured tones.  Before the bamboo is made into a plank of flooring, the raw bamboo strips or fibres are smoked under extreme heat, which turns them a coffee brown colour.  Once they have been sufficiently smoked they are made into planks (or parquet blocks) of flooring.  This means that the carbonised colour runs throughout the whole plank of flooring, not just on the surface like a colour stain. To finish off the flooring, protective layers of lacquer are added to the surface which acts as protection from daily wear and tear. 

What other colours of bamboo flooring are there?

There are many other colours of bamboo flooring to choose from. Here is a selection of our favourites:

Natural Bamboo

Stone Grey Bamboo

Chestnut Bamboo

Pebble Bamboo