Dark Brown Bamboo

Dark Brown Bamboo

This entry was posted on November 2, 2022 by sam elliott

Dark brown bamboo flooring can look sophisticated and chic in the right surroundings. You will find that we offer a wide range of different colours of bamboo, which can all look amazing.  However, if you are thinking about having a dark brown floor, it can really add richness and warmth to your home.

Most of our dark brown bamboo floors are made from strand woven bamboo, and then have a colour stain added to the surface.  This means that we can create different shades and colours, so are constantly updating our colour range.


What are the different options available?

We have three main shades of dark brown:

Chestnut brown

This is a very rich, dark brown, which has a distressed surface to add even more character and authenticity.  You have the choice of either plank style flooring, or parquet blocks.  With parquet bamboo you can create different geometric patterns and styles.

Solid Chestnut Bamboo Flooring


Autumn Hazelnut

You will notice this is slightly lighter in colour than Chestnut brown, but it really has a warm and inviting appearance. Again, it has the distressed surface for texture and authenticity and would look great in any style or size of room.


Autumn Hazelnut Bamboo Flooring


Rustic Carbonised

Our rustic carbonised bamboo is actually a medium coloured brown floor with black streaks added to the surface, which makes it feel much darker than it actually is.  In the right setting, this flooring can look truly beautiful.

Rustic Carbonised Bamboo Flooring


When should I choose a dark brown bamboo floor?

You should choose dark brown bamboo if you:

• Have a traditional or rustic home and want to keep with that theme.

• Want a darker floor to contrast with a room that is very bright or has lots of windows or glazing.

• Are looking for a statement floor that visitors will fall in love with

• Have a room where you want to contrast bright and bold colours with your floor.

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