Guide to Carbonised Bamboo Flooring

Guide to Carbonised Bamboo Flooring

Guide to Carbonised Bamboo Flooring

This entry was posted on November 20, 2023 by sam elliott

Carbonised bamboo flooring is an ever-growing popular colour choice of bamboo flooring.  It is slightly darker than natural bamboo and contains warm and rich brown tones throughout.  This stunning colour will complement the décor of any style of room and can add character and charm with its natural beauty.

You may be wondering what carbonised bamboo flooring is. Before the planks of flooring are made, the bamboo is smoked in a kiln to give it this unique coffee brown colour.  This means that the colour runs throughout the whole plank of flooring, not just the surface.


What styles of carbonised bamboo are available?

There are a five different styles of bamboo flooring in a carbonised colour:

Horizontal - strips of bamboo have been glued together horizontally to create a wide grain pattern. The characteristic knots of the bamboo plant are visible throughout the plank.


Vertical – strips of bamboo have been glued together vertically to create a narrow grain. Although the grain is less evident it is still recognisable as bamboo.


Strand Woven – fibres of bamboo have been compressed together to make a durable floor that is over twice as hard as Oak. It has a varied grain pattern throughout.


Parquet Block – using strand woven bamboo, these shorter and smaller blocks allow you to create stunning geometric patterns such as herringbone and basket weave.


Rustic – strand woven bamboo is made into planks of flooring, then black rustic marks are added to the surface to offer a unique and charismatic floor.


Which rooms can I use it in my home?

Carbonised bamboo flooring is versatile and timeless, so you can use it in almost any room in your home. It is dimensionally stable which means that you can use it with underfloor heating and in rooms where temperature and humidity fluctuates, like conservatories.  Here are some of our favourite rooms to use it:

• Bedrooms

• Living areas

• Kitchens

• Dining Rooms

• Conservatories

• Hallways

We would not recommend that you install any type of bamboo flooring in your bathroom, wet room or utility room as the excess water could cause irreparable damage.


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